Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

Virtech has a wealth of experience in the ERP space. From large scale implementations and upgrades into Government Departments, Corporates small and large as well as SME's across the globe.


Our entire ERP team have a broad range of business and technology skills to implement custom designs that in turn facilitate change in your business. Utilising ERP solutions such as SAP, Sage, Microsoft, Odoo, and custom built products we are able to offer a complete end to end service in the ERP space.


The extensive experience and expertise Virtech provide will minimise risks while maximising your business outcomes.


A successful implementation can reap vast rewards in organisational strengths and efficiencies.  We have learnt from experience that the following factors are vital for success.


  • The interaction of technology and the organisation

  • User involvement and participation

  • Commitment - an essential ingredient for success

  • Planning - more able to be controlled by project managers than other success factors, and involving many critical components

  • Risks - exist with every project but must not only be anticipated, but managed and mitigated

  • Our cutting edge training technology and delivery personnel will deliver greater ongoing benefits to your business and staff

Customisation is key


Small changes to a system can provide big benefits in productivity. Your current functionality may be workable but can be clumsy within the context of a particular business practice, why not take a look at our Robotic Process Automation? We believe one of the goals of customisations or enhancements is to improve productivity within a short period of time. Not sure whether your current functionality and business processes aren’t quite performing as you expected?  We have a number of approaches to fine tune your business engine! 


Systems Integration:

To obtain the best solutions in all areas of a business, it is often necessary to integrate disparate systems. virtech have vast experience in this "software plumbing" and due to its open source nature, Odoo is ideal for this task.


Reduce Systems: 

Potential reduction in systems required by making changes to the core ERP application.  This also reduces learning times and the need for complex and error prone interfaces.

Cost Savings: 

Potential cost savings due to reduced double entry of information.


Competitive advantage:

Implementing of innovative features to keep ahead of your competitors.

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