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The Work From Home Solution For PC & Mac Users

The Problem

  • No visibility into the issues remote students/teachers may be experiencing.

  • Difficulty monitoring remote based cloud/on-premise services.

  • Inability/expensive to send on-site support or remote access into remote locations.

  • Inability to communicate in context with remote students/teachers.

The Solution

With Virtech & Nexthink

  • Get a complete picture of desktop/laptop    consumption from the end-user perspective and diagnose issues experienced by students/teacher with ease.

  • Monitor EVERY student/teacher experience using critical business services in real time.

  • Use automated remediation to fix issues    immediately on remote student/teachers devices.

  • Leverage in context pop-ups to communicate with students/teachers - no need for ineffective email based  surveys/communication methods. 


  • Enables the user remote digital experience

  • What’s going on with specific applications

  • Monitor online when on apps


  • MS Teams Library Pack

  • Adoption

  • Health – connection authentication issues

  • Usage

  • Repair upgrade clients as needed


  • Daily Dashboards

    • Home-Work Metrics

      • Usability

      • Reliability

      • Performance

  • Real-Time Dashboards

    • Student Services

      • Application Health including, crashes,            connectivity


  • Onenote Library Pack

  • Adoption

  • Health – connection authentication issues

  • Usage

  • Repair upgrade clients as needed


  • Proactive Alerts to individual or all students/teachers

    • Example: If Teams is not working then a message can be sent to eliminate help desk calls​

  • In context Surveys – (when services are being used or proactive support)

    • Culture

    • Mental health of Student

    • Physical health of Student


  • No need for onsite or remote desktop sessions

  • Automatic remediation of devices

  • Secure VPN updates

  • Virus Scan Updates

  • Deploy Critical Software

User Must Have:

Active Internet Connection

Collector installed on machine (Install a collector on all machines – BYOD and Company Supplied – Can be installed from home)

Want to implement Home-Work in your school or college?

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