Below you will find the Virtech logo for download and instructions for requesting media participation from a Virtech representative.

Virtech Logos*

Click the arrow to the side of the logo to download the white version.

*Use of Trademarks - Terms and conditions.

Virtech grants limited rights, to select companies and individuals, to use Virtech trademarks such as; Virtech logos, imagery or brand. Prior consent must be sought before using Virtech trademarks and no alterations or modifications should be made. Companies or individuals must cease using any materials containing Virtech trademarks immediately upon written request by Virtech.


To place a usage request, or to receive a copy of the Brand Guidelines, please contact us:
Email:  |  Telephone: +61 7 3105 5900

Interview Requests - Process for enquiries.

For further requests, such as arranging media interviews, please contact:


Contact Brett McCallum via Sarah Falconar – Executive Assistant
Email: | Telephone: 
+61 7 3105 5900

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