Virtual Bench

Virtech utilises a resource and capacity management system which it refers to as the Virtech Virtual Bench. This provides Virtech with a leading talent management capability. Virtech have found that the best way to ensure program success is to have the best people assigned to it. We seek out the best of the best, and then provide education about the Virtech Way, ensuring they are the right fit for each client and project. By leveraging the Virtual Bench of over 1200 staff, we expand our capability and capacity to cover a range of experience, qualifications, certifications and skill-sets.

The virtual bench enables you to access our extensive talent pool of experienced and capable people to deploy in your business.

Certifications are maintained within our resources bank, especially in Microsoft skills and desktop applications we utilise, such as Nexthink and Tosca Tricentis. This ecosystem model also enables us to extend reach through our partner teams, as well as access to qualified team-members through the Virtech Virtual Bench. This enables Virtech to identify, vet / scrutinise, select and place quality technical resources into temporary and permanent ICT roles.

The Virtech team have delivered over 700,000 desktops globally utilising a proven approach of workstream management. Whether it is 100 or 80,000 desktops the approach remains the same - a unique management layer that is guided by proven models and practices in successful digital transformation.

Resource Management

We manage project resources in line with the ITIL resource management process. This cuts across capacity management, but ensures that we include in the delivery plan, appropriate assignment of resources, with the right skill-sets and utilisation, with contingency arrangements to cover planned and unplanned absenteeism. A work schedule will be included for each assigned team-member involved in the deployment.

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