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Digital Transformation is the cutting-edge process of using digital technologies to create or modify business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.


It transcends traditional roles like sales, marketing, and customer service. Many companies who are embracing Digital Transformation are also adopting Digital Workplace practices.

The Digital Workplace enables new, more effective ways of working, raises employee engagement and agility, and exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies.

Virtech understands that the modern workplace is beyond just a physical space where employees work during office hours. Today’s workplace is a constantly connected environment which provides instant access to everything employees need.


As the workplace digitises, communication and collaboration between employees or clients can take place in new and dynamic ways. Developing business relationships beyond the traditional work groups enables knowledge sharing across your organisation and beyond.

Virtech offers you a human-centric service essential to designing and building your ideal Digital Workplace. We do this by talking to stakeholders in your organisation to build your specific Digital Business Case (DBC). With your DBC documented we then deliver these expectations and manage your project to ensure the highest quality of work, from inception all the way to handover.

We know that Digital Transformation doesn’t stop after one project; it’s an evolving entity that aligns along with your company's growth. As part of our human-centric approach, Virtech also offers ongoing service packages to connect your business or organisation with our team of experts, to ensure your digital transformation journey is both successful and rewarding. This is our unique 'Architect as a Service' product offering.

As a part of these support packages, we also offer stakeholder training, to allow you to make essential choices in the way that your journey and platforms are utilised. This allows your organisation to take control of your Digital Transformation Journey and ensures the highest quality outcomes for you and your clients.

Want to see Digital Transformation in your business?

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