• Grant Edwards

A new possibility: Delivering real time services to the business

Updated: Mar 18

According to a recent study, more than 90% of IT executives admit that their end-users encounter problems that they have no way of detecting. The study also found that 40% of end-users do not take the time to report issues to IT – primarily because they lack the time and confidence that IT will solve their issue in a timely manner. The result: end-users live with issues which impact their productivity and affect the ability of the business to remain competitive.

Your business depends on IT for success. Problems with application and device performance, connectivity issues or bad experiences with the service desk can impact the business in a variety of ways. It is critical to meet end-user’s needs to avoid poor allocation of limited IT resources, increased IT support costs and lost employee productivity. The external effects of not meeting end-users’ needs include decreased revenue, poor customer satisfaction and diminished company reputation.

What IT needs is a new perspective on end-user experience. One that expands visibility, increases IT efficiency and improves end-user productivity while reducing costs.

Virtech is a leader in end-user experience management. By combining real-time endpoint analytics and end-user feedback with our Partners Software, Virtech helps IT improve business impact. Our unique methodology around analytics and visualizations provide new insight and enable IT to adopt proactive operations, reduce costs and ultimately enhance end-user business productivity.

It’s a complex road with the new WaaS coming into the paradigm of all C-Level Execs. Business leaders want instant and real time feedback from their employees, enabling better and more timely decisions to be made that impact the staffs experience. In turn enabling the business to better respond to clients needs to ensure complete satisfaction for not only staff, but the all important client.

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