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Virtech has the answer of addressing the inevitable

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Virtech has the proven methodology of addressing the inevitable. With the complex nature of change coming to all organisations with regards to Windows10 - large or small business need to plan now. Virtech has proven success as an early adopter of the Windows as a Service shift that is taking place in the market today.

By 2020 and 2023, Microsoft will end its support of Windows 7 and 8 respectively. Already a complex and demanding process, companies now have the added pressure to migrate to Windows 10 as soon as possible. For large organizations, failing to do so efficiently is not only cost-intensive and time-consuming, but also puts their infrastructure at risk to security breaches and network failures. Windows 10 has also been released with Microsoft’s new OS delivery philosophy, “Windows as a Service” (WaaS). Rather than release a new and complete version every couple of years, Microsoft will now continuously nurture Windows 10 with bi-annual feature updates and monthly quality updates. For unprepared IT teams, keeping up with these accelerated releases presents significant challenges as resources are strained to keep up with new updates, employee productivity is impaired due to irregular support, and systems are left vulnerable from version inconsistencies.

Ultimately, with Windows 10 and WaaS, IT teams need to adapt their Windows service

management from project to process-oriented, and shift their production cycle to manage the associated risks, all while ensuring a productive digital workplace for their employees.

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