• Grant Edwards

What is poor Digital Experience costing your organisation?

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Business impacts related to poor IT experiences can cost organizations up to $25M per year. Companies are beginning to recognize how critical employees’ digital experience is to their overall business success. Moreover, the ability to monitor IT efforts and receive regular employee feedback about satisfaction with those efforts results in better business performance. However, many companies still struggle to understand how to improve when their existing SLAs focus on metrics such as service availabilities and target resolution times, which reveal little about true end-user experience. Indeed, the nature of this “experience” is elusive, and attempts to measure it can be subjective.

Virtech Specialises in assisting Organisation of all types and sizes to tackle the complex nature of the Digital Experience. With our unique and market leading methodology we help organisations foster an efficient workplace for all staff by utilising the latest technology in the market. This drives optimisation of staff utilisation and staff retention to allow the organisation to stay ahead of the their competition in their particular market.

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