The Problem

  • No insight into network related activity from the end-user perspective.

  • Difficulty monitoring cloud based applications / services.

  • No visibility into the issues remote workers may be experiencing.

  • Inability to diagnose networking issues experienced by change initiatives in real time.

The Solution

With Virtech & Nexthink

  • Get a complete picture of network consumption from the end-user perspective and diagnose network related issues experience by employees with ease.

  • Easily monitor you employees’ experience with cloud based applications and services through both in-depth analytics and end-user sentiment.

  • Monitor your remote workers network activity regardless of their location.

  • Monitor big changes in network activity associated with large IT change initiatives in real time.


  • Proactive monitoring of Named business services 

    • Machine learning and alerting based on all end users and locations.

  • Proactive recommendations based on driving the employee experience score higher

    • Examples extended Login times 

    • Long web request 

    • Out of compliance machines, Security agents, SCCM, Patches etc

    • Application Crashes 

    • Long network latency

  • Data Analysis and recommendations based on specific areas of concern.

  • Proactive remediation

    • Creation and deployment of self-healing/ Guided remediation.  (Act) 

  • Proactive Transformation baseline and compare pre and post transformation.

  • ITSM data analysis for identification of automation candidates.

  • Proactive Password reset capabilities 


  • P1/P2

  • Potential Early identification of Business service degradation/outages.

  • MTTR reduction on P1/P2 incidents using Nexthink data to identify area of concern.

  • Provide list of affected users for communication purposes.

  • Real time dashboard of Business Service Health.

Want to implement Proactive Monitoring in your business?

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